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Oracle VS MySQL

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Oracle VS MySQL – [ 1990 till 2010 this report, will not maintain for next decades]

Top 6 Points:    Oracle/with Mysql and almost others

1. JVM :

2. storage safety

3. data lose 99%

4. lots of features

5. RAC (allowing others to share)

6. ASM (is oracle's logical volume manager)


Q. Mysql and Oracle what is the biggest fair?

A. oracle is a database, mysql is a pimped excel sheet collection, PL/SQL is a language that runs inside the database (like the JAVA stuff, too), Ruby/PHP/GTK runs outside the database.

LET CONSIDER: from database it runs, did you mean if oracle processid id = 2244, plSQL runs from 2244 process id or new thread id ?
no, i the language is interpreted and executed by the database system
stored procedures, functions, java packages
they run inside the database system
no i don’t mean “oracle comes with a JRE”
i mean “oracle integrated a JVM into the database system itself”

pump mass data into your mysql server, all CPUs at 100%, mass storage IO at maximum, several hundert MB/s
then pull the cables
do you really think your database survives this?
no, i give up for that.
with oracle i only lost data one time, a hardware bug from a RAID controller that injected wrong data/didn’t complete write operations
for the rest… nothing. power outs, subsystem failures, etc etc etc
no data loss
okay, needs some percent of luck, too, but in general… you start the instance, it recovers as much as it can, and goes online
if it can’t recover to a consistent status, it won’t open the database
if you can open it (without hacks), you can be sure it’s consistent (regardless physical block failures and stuff, that’s another story)
(i mean “if you can open it after a crash”)

Q. in which case its pimped excel sheet compared to Oracle, size of data? like wirehouse data vs bank ?

A. how often can you push the power button of a mysql server, until you’re unsure if the data is still consistent?

the concept is completely different, mysql is just a file editor with SQL interface. oracle is that, too, but that’s just one part of it

Q. in short if i think, what made it so powerfull from xyz DBMS ? its engine or the storange or the features it allows to solve problems?

A. *storage
yes. if you need a guestbook on your homepage, you don’t need oracle. if you need a database system, you need oracle, db2, sql server, maybe postgres and with mysql you have to fight against things like read locks

(which is a design decision for the database engine, so it’s unfair to mention that, admitted)
most typical mysql applications from the LAMP area just use the database as simplified storage
without the need for relational logic

Q. What is RAC?

RAC is a pretty oracle-uniqe feature
several database systems accessing one database
i’m not against mysql, don’t get me wrong
i use it, too
but there where it belongs to
in the low power area where dataloss isn’t a catastrophic problem
i checked the logs for one of our most important databases. the service itself (it’s a RAC) was available for 100% during the last 4 years
RAC is a pretty oracle-uniqe feature

Q. What more?
well, there are many features. personally i like RMAN and datapump. it’s not “god”
it’s… oracle. the average oracle tool is crap, but the core product (database) is great
but as always: everything depends on the situation and the needs

well, for a bigger company there are only a few choices on the market
plus postgres/enterprisedb, depending on the project
but mysql in a company with important data.. uhmmmmmaybe not.

Q. Whats your experience in oracle?
for the capacity and stuff: i definitely don’t run the biggest database in world, but my biggest machine operates oracle with about 100G database memory and a 40 terabyte ASM diskgroup. it’s not an everyday system, but such things are no phantasy
(the datafiles just take 10 tera for the moment, so the DB is 10T only)
i wouldn’t even think about using anything else than Oracle or DB2 for that
alone the fact that a MySQL would operate on top of a filesystem of such a size… uh

Other staff to attack oracle/mysql server for study:

devcon: to find windows interface ids
Backtrack 4 (linux and ) wifi tools: aircrack/airdump

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