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Tizen Linux for mobile tablet smartphone will takeover the world. Backed by Intel, Samsung, Linux foundation. Good luck.

February 26, 2012 1 comment

Tizen Linux for mobile tablet smartphone will takeover the world. Backed by Intel, Samsung, Linux foundation. Good luck.

– Android is less important in such case

– IPhone also



Ubuntu now runs in Android. Finally C programmers are happy to have there GCC back in the mobile battle.

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Ubuntu is now running on top of Android. Soon there will be no more NDK/SDK requirement. Android made a mess mistake for GCC developers. Everything in past need to use NDK/SDK to retype every single lines to JNA code, which is idiot implementation actually of Android.

Android Ubuntu will then allow GCC

– Tizen linux from Intel, Samsung will soon release there dragon Linux with GCC support to take-over Android, IPhone


JNA for java

August 28, 2011 Leave a comment

There are sometimes error you may see, then make sure the JNA is added. jna.jar and platform.jar from

For more info:

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Top 10 points for java experts

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Please ask, i will post how to’s

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What is mobile? What is processor? What is mobile platform? What is ARM? How can i build mobile?

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment


TuxPhone can be patched with Linux ARM kernel. Let me know if i should write some!

What is operating system? How can i build one? What do i need to build it?

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Back to the past, it was like floppy disk where i wrote simple C/Pascal application to show my professor my project works. Now in modern generation, everything is like kick it and start it.

So, all we need is a collection of boot process to operating process bridge. That is done and doable with OpenSource operating systems out there.

Now to build your one, there is none because all the License terms and condition protect them to be copied and re-distribute

If it is interesting topic vote for it, for next episode.


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What is audio and what is video? What is computer audio and video? How can i use audio and video over 3g 4g ip ipv6?

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