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Tizen Linux for mobile tablet smartphone will takeover the world. Backed by Intel, Samsung, Linux foundation. Good luck.

February 26, 2012 1 comment

Tizen Linux for mobile tablet smartphone will takeover the world. Backed by Intel, Samsung, Linux foundation. Good luck.

– Android is less important in such case

– IPhone also



Top 10 tips for web experts

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Please ask, i will post how to’s

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How do i make my website to do live chat?

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Ask plz i will write it.

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PHP seo sitemap spider robots.txt robots allow disallow search engine nice looking url

April 17, 2010 2 comments


First of all robots.txt file must, to allow a bot (spiders like google, yahoo, msn etc) to reach your webiste and crawl your:  “Damn looking url” or “Ugly looking url!!” or “Nice looking url”, what ever you name, just name it for standard understanding we name it SEO.


User-agent: *
Disallow: /css/
Disallow: test.php/
Allow: /file/myfile.html
Sitemap: /sitemap/xml.xml
Sitemap: /sitemap/txtmode.txt

Other methods, way of doing:

1. Text based (KISS, keep it simple STUPID!!!)  && 10mb && 50,000 lines

a. http://mysite/searchlist1.txt:

b. http://mysite/searchlist2.txt

c. http://mystei/robots.txt

Sitemap: http://mysite/searchlist1.txt
Sitemap: http://mysite/searchlist2.txt

2. Xml based (Not KISS)

3. Meta tag/title tag (KISS)

You are upset/World is so crud:
Nice looking url all of a certain, became the bible for web technologies, and you don’t have any solution. Wait! try this atleast:

vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
Alias /my-nice-urls http://mysite/index.php?a=old=b=nasty=c=ugly

your bad url  was: http://mysite/index.php?a=old=b=nasty=c=ugly
your working url is: http://mysite/my-nice-urls

More reading:

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zend cheat sheet zend framework cheat sheet zf cheat sheet zf cheat code zend crack zend hack zend quick tips and tricks

April 11, 2010 1 comment

Zend framework Latest Release. Also for more:

*********Please leave your comments with your requirements and demands.********
zend framework poster zend framework cheat code cheat sheet tutorial getting started

  • Het Zend Framework is een open-source framework, ontwikkeld in objectgeoriënteerde PHP5 code door Zend Technologies
  • Zend Framework is an open source, object oriented web application framework
  • Free download of Zend Framework. Download today!
  • Official website . Includes project news, roadmap, FAQ and manual.
  • 10 Compelling Reasons to Use Zend Framework | Nettuts+

  • Latest version of Zend framework– ZF 1.6.0 ship dojo toolkit. You can find it in ZendFramework-1.6.0/external/ directory when you download ZF

Het Zend Framework is een open-source framework, ontwikkeld in objectgeoriënteerde PHP5 code door Zend Technologies. Het framework is gemaakt met de gedachte om het gebruik ervan zo simpel mogelijk te houden. Dit in lijn met PHP, waarvoor de parsing engine ook door Zend Technologies wordt ontwikkeld. Het Zend Framework wordt uitgebracht onder een BSD-licentie.

Het is onderdeel van het PHP Collaboration Project, bestaande uit:

* Zend Developer Zone
* Eclipse-based PHP-IDE
* Zend Framework

Het framework is gebaseerd op het MVC Model. De verschillende componenten van het framework kunnen ook afzonderlijk gebruikt worden. Voorbeelden van componenten in het Zend Framework zijn Zend_Log, Zend_Config en Zend_Feed.

Het project heeft een zestal doelen gesteld voor de toekomst:

1. Meer webservices ondersteunen
2. Mogelijkheden voor identiteitsmanagement
3. Verregaande mogelijkheden met betrekking tot formulieren
4. Ondersteuning voor YAML als informatie-opmaaktaal
5. Ontwikkelingstools om het ontwikkelen te vergemakkelijken
6. Het continu uitbreiden en verbeteren van functionaliteit

Externe links

* Homepage Zend framework
* Zend Developer Zone
* Het gebruik van Zend componenten in CakePHP

Programmer’s Reference Guide

Table of Contents

Zend Framework

Programmer’s Reference Guide for Zend Framework

IDE – mostly Use

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

*NIX Platform:
1. jEdit (

– If it was not in *Unix/linux i wouldn’t really moved from Windows anymore
– Live ftp work
– Character Encoding change simple
– Very fast (it represent how power java has, who ever hated java like me)
– I can live with this, i like it

2. NetBeans ( )
– very high standard (love to use as default)
– autocompletes are standard
– platform independent
– allow plugings
– UML free
– only hate it (doesnt have live ftp features like jEdit)

3. Eclipse
– hate the way it opens projects and keep it
– use it but not that much

4. Kate
– console embed
– allow code indent lines
– fast

5. Koffice (stroomdiagram, small painting tools allow)
– specially for the diagrams
– very good tools

Windows platform:
1. Notepad++ (plugins etc)

– Fastest one
– Autocomplete allowed me to complete my javascript libraries (very smart)
– Plugins are great (it has the test of jEdit)
– i love it

2. Visual Studio (microsoft)
3. DreamWeaver ( very rare now days, that i use)

Recent work – intranet

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Respect privacy. Not much more information’s, just screen shots of my application designed and developed.

> My made softwares slide show (more )