Thanks for reading.

I am working/living in Belgium, which is  the capital of Europe.

My origin is Bangladesh… . I have studied in Information technologies (London Metropoliton University), where base study begin from pascal, c/c++, java language. I provision myself to  all other new upcoming technologies such as Unix, Linux, Php, Vb6, Vb.net, CSS, xHTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Cisco, Networking, Graphics.

beside that i took for professional reason Microsoft certification on Networking to make concept clear, where i know very much about what is WAN and LAN does, and what Packets sniffer is for each Protocols including Voice over internet protocol or HTTP packets over internet protocol!  Also i have knowledge of NFS and PXE stack.

The most interesting thing in the life is being an Scientist, Thinking like a Scientist, Never giving up with the idea, Doing more and more Research, Making a solution that really will help someone, by always keeping in mind, it has to work!  That’s how i think and try to belive in.

Best regards

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