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How do i make sure my Linux operating system audio drivers are working. But hardware is defected for line in or mic in?

October 9, 2011 Leave a comment

In my motherboard i have line in/mic in. But when i boot my linux i can not get audio in. I have tried all detectors but none is helping.

1. Get a speaker box or head phone

2. Put the head phone jack to the motherboard mic in/line in

3. Grab audacity software and knock your speaker you will see frequency

– if yes, Linux and its drivers are not the issue, culprit is the microphone+hardware

– if no, fix your audio libraries



How do i reduce my ATX chassis big computer machine to small unit?

October 9, 2011 Leave a comment

I would like to minimize my system which is ATX power and has PCI-X1 slots. The size is huge, and that is problem, because its not handy and not friendly portable.

1. Buy mini-ITX power supply which has ATX jacks and 12V dc input

2. Buy PCI to PCI cable converter so that you can rotate horizontally (instead of default vertical)

3. Patch and hammer it

Big size is now reduced to small size.


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How do i connect Mini-PCI express with PCI-X1 cards?

October 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Mini-PCI express slots are same as PCI-X1 cards, most of you think that is true. But for some cards its not, because in 90’s the specification was revised and there is some BUS issues involved.

1. To power the mini-pci express cards you have to put external ATX power which can feed 12volt, 5volt (check the amps too)

2. When the ATX power is supplied it will boot but because of incorrect BUS issues it may not be recognized by OS/BIOS.

So, finally the best move is to go straight PCI-X1 slots. If you have solution post here your research.