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As a web developer which framework or technologies more and more to use?

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, to be a web developer, the world is big enough, freedom of choice!! After learning from faults (about 11 years), i decided to use Php and Zend framework permanently (not J2ME, not Ruby, not others, only sticking with 1).

There is no framework which is simple nor easy nor friendlier nor care taker for simplicity and user friendly, most frameworks they seems to me like they build for themselves (when its done, they are in vacation, never looking behind to make it more easier), they never write a code, thinking “Is it for me? or is this also for a users?”

In that sense, i have found a nice web server scripting language so called Php, and its manager so called “Zend framework” 1.11.5 version while i am writing this for my personal “talk to i” schema. The whole blog is for me, i talk to me, i dont know if there is a reader who reads this, but its completely i am talking to myself.

Few tips:

– Php is very high performence server scripting language (you can optimize lot of staffs)
– The beauty of open source, allowing to grow and grow touch the big bang almost

– Its very strong and mature in technologies and almost killer for many other existing resources (what the heck is, non strict type language? and its now so big?)
– I remember once i asked a ADA guru, can you not send me with SOAP or REST or SOA? He just learned that he can do it but it will take lot of time, at the end we stop the project, lol

– Php and Zf has really, very very very very senior level of technologies implementation

– It has saved lot of time for me to avoid using: Java/C/C++/Python/Lua/PureBasic/

– It has lot of common & non repeating staffs (Dear Java, god bless you!! you still did not completed json_encode(), json_decode() yet? shame on you no!! )

– very smart and well done, its appreciateable

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Which hardware to buy if it has to be a server? Is cloud computer for everything?

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, it depends on use case. If it has to be in a private location, where public users are not welcome, it would be better to use private server in-house. If it requires public access or office member use case from home, then better to place it in some dedicated co-location or rentedĀ  dedicated servers.

– if its about VoIP, then it is better to use not a CLOUD server, because they run asĀ  a virtual instance. Where VoIP server applications do not get all the freedom to work or use all the resources. In such cases a fully dedicated server would be more friendlier

– If its a web based server only no media related issue, it can be a simple CLOUD instance, which reduce management time and easy to regular maintenance.

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What is RAID, Why RAID, how do i really install it?

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Well, although i did couple of time, all the time i forget this. Better write it down:

1. RAID is all about storage
2. RAID 0 , 1, 5 is selection
3. RAID 5 is good which covers RAID 0 and RAID 1
4. RAID 0 is good only because it provides performance (speed), but disadvantage of it is, if 1 disk crash, all is lost.

5. RAID 1 is good buy not good for performance (speed), advantage is if 1 disk fail, it still run, so that i can patch a new disk

RAID 5 is expensive, RAID 1 is cheap, which solves it.

Extra note: Because to use RAID 1 for being cheaper, i recommend to use RAM and Xeon, so that a little more speed can be collected from CPU and RAM, after all both has to do quick time processing.

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Embedded linux and Embedded Zend framework cheat sheet

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently discovered that i am very new to embedded technologies, but from my experience, it seems its a 5 minute shot to just figure it out how to solve it. Here is the recipe.

1. Have a look in the Google for embedded. If Google key is broken do search in Bing

2. Get a embedded board, either ARM or ATOM (private processors), X86 is for more heavy load

3. Embed a CF or USB card

4. Write a crontab to load your Zend framework

5. Voilla PHP embedded circuit

have fun.

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Zend Framework Cheat Sheets Poster Tutorial Download Latest news | Reference Guide APIs Training

April 25, 2011 12 comments

Private note:

All Zend Framework cheat sheets from around the web. I will show you how easy Zend Framework is. It takes 2 minute to complete the whole Zend framework. If you have interest, please ask your question. Poster can be also arranged, there seems lot of posters are released for 2.0 and 1.11.5

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coming soon… Download now

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