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Whois Flash server Red5 Server Flex Air server

Q. What is Flash and its server? Why it matters? Why do i think of it?

A. There are commercial and Open source FMS (Flash media serveR) & alternatives, but all of those have features more or less, which is the case of choice or selection.

Media servers:
1. FMS itself (Flash Media Server) – https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?loc=en_us&product=flashmediaserver
2. Red5 – http://www.red5server.org/
3. You can google it for

FMS: IS full featured server daemon, which also run in Linux, the following .swf is the admin FLEX GUI to monitor the status/activity.

[root@example tools]# ls
AC_RunActiveContent.js  far  flvcheck  fms_adminConsole.htm  fms_adminConsole.swf fmscheck
[root@example tools]#

Red5: IS a open source and free to use in linux, i used it, looks great but there is less features compared to Original FMS

[root@example Downloads]# cd red5
red5-0.9.RC2.tar.gz  red5-debug.sh        red5-highperf.sh     red5.jar             red5.sh red5-shutdown.sh
[root@example Downloads]# sh red5.sh

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