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Adobe Air Flex Flash IDE for linux

Q. How the hack in linux i can feel comfortable with Adobe? :O(

Note: For Flex/Air/Flash only in Linux is nightmare, without code completion (Aptana/Eclipse comedy made me lose my time nothing else), So i really prefer use this Editor for Adobe vs Linux uses

A. Here the greatest and latest KOMODO editor get it. It is the only one atleast allowing me Code completion:

1. Install Komodo Edit 6.0 ( i am using)

[root@example Downloads]# cd Komodo-Edit-6.0.0-beta2-5550-linux-libcpp6-x86
[root@example Komodo-Edit-6.0.0-beta2-5550-linux-libcpp6-x86]# ls
INSTALLDIR  install.html  install.sh  license.txt  relnotes.html  support
[root@example Komodo-Edit-6.0.0-beta2-5550-linux-libcpp6-x86]# ./install.sh
Enter directory in which to install Komodo. Leave blank and
press 'Enter' to use the default [~/Komodo-Edit-6].
Install directory: /opt/komodo

install: Installing ActiveState Komodo to '/opt/komodo'...
relocate this Python to '/opt/komodo/lib/python'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/lib/libpython2.6.so.1.0'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/lib/libpython2.6.so'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/lib/python2.6/site-packages/activestate.py'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload/_hashlib.so'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload/_ssl.so'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/lib/python2.6/config/Makefile'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/bin/smtpd.py'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/bin/2to3'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/bin/pydoc'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/bin/python'
relocate '/opt/komodo/lib/python/bin/python-config'
install: 'Komodo Edit-6.desktop' desktop shortcut created at '/usr/share/applications/komodo-edit-6.desktop'

Komodo Edit-6.desktop has been successfully installed to:

You might want to add 'komodo' to your PATH by adding the
install dir to you PATH. Bash users can add the following
to their ~/.bashrc file:

export PATH="/opt/komodo/bin:$PATH"

Or you could create a symbolic link to 'komodo', e.g.:

ln -s "/opt/komodo/bin/komodo" /usr/local/bin/komodo

Documentation is available in Komodo or on the web here:

Please send us any feedback you might have or log bugs here:

Thank you for using Komodo.

[root@example Komodo-Edit-6.0.0-beta2-5550-linux-libcpp6-x86]# ln -s "/opt/komodo/bin/komodo" /usr/local/bin/komodo
[root@example Komodo-Edit-6.0.0-beta2-5550-linux-libcpp6-x86]# komodo

2. Open the project and put a default compile command from tools > run command:

/home/sun/Downloads/flex3.5/bin/mxmlc -target-player=10 %D/%f

3. Running that will compile and thats it. (our code completion is available)


Many Thanks goes here: http://blog.rootkowski.com/get-started-with-flex-development-on-linux/comment-page-1/#comment-198

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