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Top 10 operating system, Personal opinion about OS

Think this first:
Computer operating system selection is like selecting which women to get married, that will be trusted and honest? ex: Asian or European or African or Arabian or Japanese which women you like and want to get married? Well i like as following order:

1. European (all the beauty flavor)   2. Arabian (beauty+fight flavor)  3. Asian (beauty+fight+trust flavor)   4. Japan (no idea)   5. Africa (never tried)

* Now, if you understand this consequence above, you can read the following, and make your target:

GET to the point, selecting is difficult, you cant tell the best, because i explained above.
1. Unix
#AIX from IBM is the most top secret and most expensive and most powerful OS (test of real unix)
– whole rack will be fill up by this, no place to put your pen

#Solaris from Sun (oracle), is the second stay able system with SPARC
– wow, its very strong, for stability

#FreeBSD from BSD, the real unix flavor is really really fantastic unix
– you have all choice for packages, which is really hard for rest unix

#Damn small FreeBSD
– you lost your hard disk, how can you still use your RAM space?

2. Linux
Never forget, linux came from unix, the god father is Unix
#Red hat linux / Centos (i love it)
– enterprise minded, sleep enterprise, wakeup enterprise mind
– its very very good for linux

#Fedora desktop (i love it)
– multimedia/graphics/etc

– guru for software collection

– guru for software collections

# OpenSUSE
– trying to bring mac/windows/linux in a meet me room

#Damn small Linux
– Runs on ram, 50MB os, have everything on it

3. Mac – the only one, i never used it yet, because you pay for it
– graphics the best choice
– if i get a mac gift cd, i would have tried in my vm
– getting involve with mac is same getting involve with windows, they have similar policy, pay for it, means go to jail

4. Windows – pay and get virus
– honestly i dont want to buy 0 cent of product from windows, as a technical person, but i have to pay because community use it
– Outlook express bug, Internet Explorer bug – would you give me a job? to write for you a bug best software?

5. IOS – networking protection and signaling
6. Mobile os – symbian

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