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Centos – php json fail

* Installed centos 5.4, and default php, but programs useing json_encode/decode is not working as expected
* Problem is php does not shifted with json, so it need to be installed.

1. yum install pecl

2. json extension need to add

[root@www html]# pecl install json


Build process completed successfully
Installing '/var/tmp/pear-build-root/install-json-1.2.1//usr/lib64/php/modules/json.so'
install ok: channel://pear.php.net/json-1.2.1

3. cd /etc/php.d/

[root@www php.d]# echo "extension=json.so" >> json.ini
[root@www php.d]# ls
dbase.ini  imap.ini  json.ini  mbstring.ini  mcrypt.ini  mysqli.ini  mysql.ini  pdo.ini  pdo_mysql.ini  pdo_sqlite.ini
[root@www php.d]# cat json.ini
[root@www php.d]#

4. Restart apache

[root@www php.d]# service httpd restart
Stopping httpd:                                            [  OK  ]
Starting httpd:                                            [  OK  ]

Done, now json is available.

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