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Unix? or Linux? Which unix and which linux

I had 4 years running a laptop (4 year is never a old, in my view), i use only for experimenting on it.

1. 4 years before it shifted with Windows XP

2. 6 month later inserted with Fedora 8

3. Then Fedora 12

4. Then got a Ubuntu 9.x CD, which is today installed

All of a certain, system is crashed. to whom should i blame? in 2010, April (i care timestamp, do new test if you read this in 2020!)

The most funny thing is here:

1. Fedora 13 or Ubuntu 9.x live / memory test pass

2. Both of them doesn’t know anything and blamed my HDD is crashed /dev/sda not found input/output error

* They are trying to say change your Hard disk? Wait excuse me! I have some other machine guns to test both of you first again.

3. Solaris 10 and FreeBSD (pure unix to check linux problems)

* after putting this great solid Solaris 10

* he is just moving forward, and finally the job get done.

All i trust is CentOS 5.4 (a little fedora), Rest love goes to (Solaris , FreeBSD, Aix)

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