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centOS – How to BIND

What is BIND?


BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the DNS protocols and provides an openly redistributable reference implementation of the major components of the Domain Name System, including:

  • Domain Name System server
  • Domain Name System resolver library
  • Tools for managing and verifying the proper operation of the DNS server

Why i use it?

shell> ping shamun.com  >

shell> ping mail.shamun.com >

How i use it?


<statement-1> ["<statement-1-name>"] [<statement-1-class>] {
	<option-N>; };
	<statement-2> ["<statement-2-name>"] [<statement-2-class>] {
	<option-N>; };
	<statement-N> ["<statement-N-name>"] [<statement-N-class>] {

 acl black-hats {;;  };  
	acl red-hats {;  };  
options {     
	blackhole { black-hats; };     
	allow-query { red-hats; };     
	allow-recursion { red-hats; };  

more: http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/Deployment_Guide-en-US/s1-bind-namedconf.html

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