IDE – mostly Use

*NIX Platform:
1. jEdit (

– If it was not in *Unix/linux i wouldn’t really moved from Windows anymore
– Live ftp work
– Character Encoding change simple
– Very fast (it represent how power java has, who ever hated java like me)
– I can live with this, i like it

2. NetBeans ( )
– very high standard (love to use as default)
– autocompletes are standard
– platform independent
– allow plugings
– UML free
– only hate it (doesnt have live ftp features like jEdit)

3. Eclipse
– hate the way it opens projects and keep it
– use it but not that much

4. Kate
– console embed
– allow code indent lines
– fast

5. Koffice (stroomdiagram, small painting tools allow)
– specially for the diagrams
– very good tools

Windows platform:
1. Notepad++ (plugins etc)

– Fastest one
– Autocomplete allowed me to complete my javascript libraries (very smart)
– Plugins are great (it has the test of jEdit)
– i love it

2. Visual Studio (microsoft)
3. DreamWeaver ( very rare now days, that i use)

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