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JavaScript – shadow

July 29, 2009 Leave a comment
    // shadow theory
        // my briefcase
        var _opt;
        var _css;
        var _html;

        // in to out
        $.fn.shshadow = function(param){
            // hold main request.
            _root = $(this);
            _shadow = _root.attr('id');
            // class extend
            _opt = $.extend( {} , param, $.fn.shshadow.defaults );
            // generate the law
            _html = '<div \
                style ="width:atuo;height:auto;padding:5px;background-color:#AAB8C3;\
            // apply the plane
            $(this).before(_html).appendTo( '.' + _shadow ).css({
                        'margin-top': '-15px',
                        'border': 'solid 1px #000000',
                        'opacity': '0.90'
            // for future access.
            return _opt;

        // out to in
        $.fn.shshadow.defaults = {





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IE – care

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment


: Tell internet explorer which rendering method to use. (if you use not that, possibility with IE, is it will run as IE5 mode, where users can have position design problems + performences, so understand the user environment and apply that)

<!– Procedure mainHeader is begin  –>
<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=5; IE=8″ >

css related terms
: absolute (for apply of position put special care on that)

load internet explorer speperate css file.
<script type=”text/javascript”>

if ( $.browser.msie ){
$.get(‘css/ie_global.css’, function(data){
$.get(‘css/global.css’, function(data){


: Many says that, zoom use this and that, but its not true, making the web bigger is a smart idea. Where your present view you can minimize even maximize to private presentations, IE5 till IE6 its fine. But IE7 and later IE8 included will make things problem. Here is the note. = ‘50%’;  // will work for IE5 quirks mode and IE6, IE7, but not IE8 and maybe later.. = ‘50%’; // will work from IE8 till next, so we cant tell the whole body to zoom includeing all

tags start and ending

Image issues

png file problem to load on less then < IE7


IEtester/Developer tools of IE,  use under IE 5.5 , 6, 7, 8… etc..

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PHP – utf8

July 25, 2009 Leave a comment

hmmm, utf8 ?

#find the company name
$result = sql(“select naam FROM companies where naam like ‘$_get%'”);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
$val = $val . $spa .  $row[0];    $spa = “\n”;
# trying and trying, didnt worked!! ok forget it…
//if ( stristr($_SERVER[“HTTP_ACCEPT”],”application/xhtml+xml”) ) {
//header(“Content-type: application/xhtml+xml;charset=utf-8”);
//header(“Content-type: text/plain;charset=utf-8”); } else {   header(“Content-type: text/plain;charset=utf-8”); }

# it worked!!
echo utf8_encode($val);

so, crack 1:

$.ajax ({

success: function(msg) {

console.log ( msg ); // works…..


or, crack 2:

$.ajax ({    success: function(msg) {

msg =     utf8_encode ( msg);   console.log ( msg ); // works…..


UTF8/ Single ‘ Quote/ Double ” Quotes


text =

I am fr bad  boy: adaptée à problème honnête qu’un, “mon profil”
I am en good boy: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

1. from javascript submit ajax to php

2. PHP receives?

$_POST[‘vraagFR’] = addslashes($_POST[‘vraagFR’]); // insert into database, find ‘ and replace to \’

3. When read back use utf8_decode ( $that mysql value ) to browser

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JavaScript – Tab

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment
<script src="" ></script>

    <!-- Main tab holder -->
    <div id ="try" style="position:absolute; top : 50px;left: 50px; width:800px;"></div>

    <!-- page 2 anything... -->
    <div id="page0" style="display:none;">
        Page 1
    <!-- page 2 anything... -->
    <div id="page1" style="display:none;">
        Page 2



// make tab.
    // briefcase
    var _opt = '';
    var _html = '';
    var _css = '';
    var _tmp = '';
    // inside the container put a tab.
    $.fn.shtab  = function (param){
        // keep the original father
        var _root = $(this);
        // prepare the objects
        _opt = $.extend( {} , param, $.fn.shtab.defaults);
        // fire - menus array towards page array and check ajax load or local load
        $.each(_opt.menus, function (i,v){
            // keep in memory total tab indexes
            _opt.howmanytab = i;
            // How many menu to draw plane it
            _tmp = _tmp +  '<li class=' + i + '  ><img src="images/application.png"  /><a>' + v  + '</a> </li>';
        // embed css
        _css  = '\
            .sh-maintab {  }\
            .sh-maintab ul {padding:0;}\
            .sh-maintab li {cursor:pointer; background-color:#EEF2FB;         border:1px solid #AFC1E2;     font-size:11px; text-align:center;     display:block;  float:right;   margin:-25px 10px 0 0;        padding:5px 13px 5px 15px; }\
            .sh-maintab ul li img {         width:20px; height:20px; position:relative;float:left;margin:-10px 0 0 -10px;     }\
            .sh-maintab ul li a { cursor:pointer; color:#000000;}\
			.sh-maintab ul li:hover { background-color:red;}\
            .sh-contents { border-top: solid 1px #AFC1E2; padding-top: 20px; }\
        // embed html
        _html = '\
            <!-- main tab to multiple tabs -->\
            <div >\
                <!-- main tab main buttons -->\
                    <ul>' + _tmp +
                <!-- selected tab items..... -->\
        // paint it
        $(this).empty().append(_css + _html);

        // Now on click, load contents to viewport
        _root.find('.sh-maintab li').click(function(){
            _tmp = $(this).attr('class');
            _tmp = [_tmp];
            //console.log ( _tmp );

            // check which viewmode is on.
            switch (_opt.ajaxpage){
                case true:
                    // apply the page to get via ajax path


                case false:
                    // take the div or class id and append it.
                    //$(_tmp).append( _root.find('.sh-contents').empty() );
					_root.find('.sh-contents').empty().append( $(_tmp).html() );
						case true:
							// spaar
								alert( $(this).html() );
								$(_tmp).html( $(this).html() );

						case false:
							// nee spaar

                case 'both':
            }// end of the switch and case, break;


    // Outside to inside execute
    $.fn.shtab.defaults = {
        howmanytab: 0,
        callmeback: function() { }

// tiren / roepen.
    // Tab0, Tab1, Tab2
    menus: ['Home','About us','Test drive'],
    //load contents: false, true for ajax, both for auto sence
    ajaxpage: false,
    //#divid or .classname or folder/page.php
    page: ['#page0','#page1','#page2'],
	// true or false, to changes made
	cache: true



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Css – reference

July 23, 2009 Leave a comment


/* Comment */
@media type {

selector {
properties: value;








Pseudo – Selectors

Media types (@media)


Properties that inherit








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HTML – reference

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Code embed

<pre>  &lt; html &gt;  </pre>

Basic Tags

<html></html> Creates an HTML document

<head></head> Sets off the title and other information that isn’t displayed on the Web page itself

<body></body> Sets off the visible portion of the document

Body Attributes

<body bgcolor="pink"> Sets the background color, using name or hex value

<body text="black"> Sets the text color, using name or hex value

<body link="blue"> Sets the color of links, using name or hex value

<body vlink="#ff0000"> Sets the color of followed links, using name or hex value

<body alink="#00ff00"> Sets the color of links on click

<body ondragstart="return false" onselectstart="return false"> Disallows text selection with the mouse and keyboard

Text Tags

<pre></pre> Creates preformatted text

<hl></hl> Creates the largest headline

<h6></h6> Creates the smallest headline

<b></b> Creates bold text

<i></i> Creates italic text

<tt></tt> Creates teletype, or typewriter-style text

<cite></cite> Creates a citation, usually italic

<em></em> Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)

<strong></strong> Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)

<font size="3"></font> Sets size of font, from 1 to 7

<font color="green"></font> Sets font color, using name or hex value


<a href="URL"></a> Creates a hyperlink

<a href="mailto:EMAIL"></a> Creates a mailto link

<a href="URL"><img src="URL"> </a> Creates an image/link

<a name="NAME"></a> Creates a target location within a document

<a href="#NAME"></a> Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document


<p></p> Creates a new paragraph

<p align="left"> Aligns a paragraph to the left (default), right, or center.

<br> Inserts a line break

<blockquote></blockquote> Indents text from both sides

<dl></dl> Creates a definition list

<dt> Precedes each definition term

<dd> Precedes each definition

<ol></ol> Creates a numbered list

<ul></ul> Creates a bulleted list

<li></li> Precedes each list item, and adds a number or symbol depending upon the type of list selected

<div align="left"> A generic tag used to format large blocks of HTML, also used for stylesheets

<img src="name"> Adds an image

<img rajaram="name" align="left"> Aligns an image: left, right, center; bottom, top, middle

<img src="name" border="1"> Sets size of border around an image

<hr /> Inserts a horizontal rule

<hr size="3" /> Sets size (height) of rule

<hr width="80%" /> Sets width of rule, in percentage or absolute value

<hr noshade /> Creates a rule without a shadow


<table></table> Creates a table

<tr></tr> Sets off each row in a table

<td></td> Sets off each cell in a row

<th></th> Sets off the table header (a normal cell with bold, centered text)

Table Attributes

<table border="1"> Sets width of border around table cells

<table cellspacing="1"> Sets amount of space between table cells

<table cellpadding="1"> Sets amount of space between a cell’s border and its contents

<table width="500" or "80%"> Sets width of table, in pixels or as a percentage of document width

<tr align="left"> or <td align="left"> Sets alignment for cell(s) (left, center, or right)

<tr valign="top"> or <td valign="top"> Sets vertical alignment for cell(s) (top, middle, or bottom)

<td colspan="2"> Sets number of columns a cell should span (default=1)

<td rowspan="4"> Sets number of rows a cell should span (default=1)

<td nowrap> Prevents the lines within a cell from being broken to fit


<frameset></frameset> Replaces the <body> tag in a frames document; can also be nested in other framesets

<frameset rows="value,value"> Defines the rows within a frameset, using number in pixels, or percentage of width

<frameset cols="value,value"> Defines the columns within a frameset, using number in pixels, or percentage of width

<frame> Defines a single frame — or region — within a frameset

<noframes></noframes> Defines what will appear on browsers that don’t support frames

Frames Attributes

<frame src="URL"> Specifies which HTML document should be displayed

<frame name="name"> Names the frame, or region, so it may be targeted by other frames

<frame marginwidth="value"> Defines the left and right margins for the frame; must be equal to or greater than 1

<frame marginheight="value"> Defines the top and bottom margins for the frame; must be equal to or greater than 1

<frame scrolling="value"> Sets whether the frame has a scrollbar; value may equal “yes,” “no,” or “auto.” The default, as in ordinary documents, is auto.

<frame noresize="noresize"> Prevents the user from resizing a frame


For functional forms, you’ll have to run a CGI script. The HTML just creates the appearance of a form.

<form></form> Creates all forms

<select multiple name="NAME" size=?></select> Creates a scrolling menu. Size sets the number of menu items visible before you need to scroll.

<option> Sets off each menu item

<select name="NAME"></select> Creates a pulldown menu

<option> Sets off each menu item

<textarea name="NAME" cols=40 rows=8></textarea name> Creates a text box area. Columns set the width; rows set the height.

<input type="checkbox" name="NAME"> Creates a checkbox. Text follows tag.

<input type="radio" name="NAME" value="x"> Creates a radio button. Text follows tag

<input type=text name="ram" size=20> Creates a one-line text area. Size sets length, in characters.

<input type="submit" value="NAME"> Creates a Submit button

<button type="submit">Submit</button> Creates an actual button that is clicked

<input type="image" border=0 name="NAME" src="name.gif"> Creates a Submit button using an image

<input type="reset"> Creates a Reset button

input box to array: <input type=”text” value=”inputboxasarray”    name=”omain[one][1]” />

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JavaScript – References

July 18, 2009 Leave a comment

# + with some care

$x = “123” ; $x ++ ;  print $x  ; // output is 124
x = “123” ; x = x + 1;  print x; //output is 1231
so. !

# class/objects

o = {


get b() { return this.a+1; },

set c(x) { this.a = x/2; }


var _myClass = ( function () {

_a = function() { return ‘hello’; }     _b = function() { return ‘ world’; }

return {

_myarr= [ a , b, c], _suba = _a(), _subb = _b(),

_main = function ( param) {  this._myarr.a }

} Read more…

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